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We are storytellers –in pictures, in words and in flights of fancy. We live for content creation, branding and authentic engagement. As design, travel and editorial nerds, our mission is to reveal the essence of a destination or brand by connecting people to the community and culture that define it.

Although we are small our reach is wide. We are proud to belong to a strong local network of collaborators and colleagues who share our drive for authenticity.

Here is the short list of things we have done (but not limited to what we can do):

  • Marketing & Branding (brand narrative, development & marketing collateral)
  • Content creation (editorial, advertorial, copywriting & editing)
  • Graphic Design (layout & design, apparel, packaging, custom signage, social media assets etc..)

At Kraken Studio we embrace design and branding from a different perspective. We like to dive deep and emerge with a solution that is authentically you.

Hop on board – we’ll show you what's possible.

"As current President of Pets Alive Animal Rescue Niagara, I feel very fortunate to be able to rely on Tina and Megan of Kraken Studio for our marketing and creative support. And, as a Professor of Marketing and Brand Communications, I’ve been impressed by their branding insights and focused creative strategy."

—Dr. Brad Davis, President, Pets Alive Niagara

"Tina and Megan have been instrumental in our ongoing marketing campaign for 2 years...and counting. Together we’ve overhauled our branding, planned social media strategies, and co-ordinated a major web redesign. Besides their stellar marketing and design intuition and execution, Megan and Tina bring a kind of customer care and dedication that is extremely rare. I know they always have my company’s best interest at the forefront and trust their guidance and experience in a huge way. Tina and Megan won’t steer you wrong."

Jake Elstone, President & Principal Contractor, Queen Street Carpentry

"I’ve worked with Tina and Megan on several marketing, website and mobile application development projects over the course of 5 years and they are by far one of the best creative teams I’ve utilized. Very intuitive and creative with an adept ability to evolve a simple concept into an entire creative vision. They are excellent at understanding what you want and always thinking outside of the box.

You could not wish for a more creative team."

Justin Soungie, IT Supervisor, Tiercon

“Thorough, thoughtful, professional, creative, and informed – that’s my experience with the team at Kraken.

Tina and Megan listened and probed to ensure understanding of my needs, provided me with innovative creative work based upon the most current market and industry research, and delivered throughout the contract experience in a timely and cost-effective manner.  They worked through challenging editorial content with me, and often went above and beyond my expectations to ensure my satisfaction and the best product outcomes.

I can’t thank them enough for their dedication and commitment to quality delivery – and the bonus was that it was fun to work with them from start to finish!”

Arlene White, Business Consultant

"Kraken Studio provides prompt and professional services. I operate a service business only retained if clients have issues, so promotion is challenging.  Kraken Studio met the challenge by taking time to understand the industry and created a logo and tag line that received immediate positive feedback from prospective and existing clients.  I recommend Kraken Studios for your creative needs."

Allen Tait, Fraud Risk Management and Training Consultant


Tina Lanzillotta

Tina's passion for storytelling began as a journalist and assistant editor for several publications. After 15+ years in media, that passion has evolved to include the visual side of storytelling with a strong background in marketing and graphic design. As a Creative Director her passion lies in curation and tying both elements together in an effective and beautiful way. As a self-professed print nerd, typography and vintage adverts are always top of mind.


Megan Pasche

Having spent over a decade as a writer and editor, writing for various publications, both online and in print, Megan's passion for the written word is only rivalled by her passion for travel – and as a closet foodie – an insatiable appetite for new cuisine.  In addition to curating content Megan has expanded her skill set to include graphic design and layout, as she has grown to love that side of storytelling as well.

our story:

When we met, we knew Kraken Studio was fated to be. We had a shared drive to tell unique and underdog stories; to unearth local delicacies, destinations and artisans who were under the radar - waiting to be discovered. Like many, the thrill of discovery was a reward in itself. The long hours flew by as we agonized over typefaces and cover options.

Kraken Studio is founded on a solid foundation of our combined 25+ years in media.

We have collectively created and executed hundreds of magazines (lifestyle/tourism/trade), thousands of advertisements and provided endless concepts and copy for website/apps. We have been fortunate to have been part of many company initiatives to brand themselves and to be a part of showcasing their unique stories in the Niagara Region and beyond.

We would love to hear from you…

At Kraken Studio we are all about exploration, originality and whimsy but we can do the safe stuff too.

There are various ways you can get in touch:

Phone: 905-932-3102


Or you could always send us a direct message through Facebook or Instagram!


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